Once every so often, an artistically and technically masterful photographer with truly God-like abilities, wit, charm, an insatiable appetite for Guinness and an ego larger than our national debt takes the world by storm.

Let’s be clear. Mark McCarty is not this person.

His ego is substantially smaller than most people with his level of talent.

Is Mark one of the nicest, bestest, hardestworkingest photographers in the nation? Yes, he is.

Is Mark’s work in the permanent collection at the Getty?
Yes, it is.

Can Mark capture a moment like no other?
Yes, he can. He’s the shit.

Is Mark 6’ 3” or 4’11”?
Meet him and you’ll find out.

Should you work with Mark?
Maybe. Talk to him. Talk to people that he has worked with. Make the right decision.

What Mark has to say about himself:
I’d like to say that the photos speak for themselves, but there’s always more to it than that. 

After more than thirty years as a working shooter, I still look forward to every job. If I wasn’t looking forward to it, I wouldn’t do it. I want my shoots to be a positive adventure for everyone involved — there are no tantrums, no throwing or kicking of things inanimate or animate. I work really hard at being a team player, at not being a jerk, and I work really really hard to deliver the best most creative photograph I possibly can. Every time.

What other people have to say about Mark

“Mark once had a beard - a kind of big and bushy one - now he doesn’t. As far as I can tell, there’s no Samson thing happening with Mark, he’s stronger than ever.”

Michael Fallone, id29

“I’ve had a lot of really great days in this business, and many of the best were those days I got to work with Mark.”

Ron Ladouceur, Senior Vice President/Executive Creative Director, Media Logic

“I love to work with artists who challenge themselves, settle for nothing but the best quality and push the conceptual envelope. Mark blew me away in all these respects. He is a dedicated artist and a hell of a nice guy.”

Anne Shackman, Anne Shackman Design
Los Angeles, CA

“We’re constantly being pursued by Manhattan-based photographers and I’ve yet to meet the one who can surpass Mark’s talent and easy-going personality. They just don’t exist. Mark consistently exceeds your expectations.”

Scott M. Bartley, Partner/Creative Director
Bartley & Dick
New York, NY

“Mark = Spark Mark is a halfmoon cookie. One half is enormously creative. His exuberance comes through in every shot. His other half is geek-genius. That means he is able to light / rig / digitally-tweak / whatever until we get exactly where we want to be. And he doesn’t quit until he is satisfied. Which is always way after I think we have it, never before. So the whole cookie is just perfect.”

Nancy Downs, Associate Creative Director, Eric Mower and Associates, Syracuse, NY

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